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Alan Fraser's landmark work puts the fundamentals of hand structure and function at the service of "orchestral pianism", unlocking the hand's potency to enlarge and enrich your tone, increase your sense of capability and finger agility, and deepen your powers of emotional expression.

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In this DVD, Alan Fraser's profound technical knowledge is immediately accessible, graphic and high-impact, making these powerful ideas even easier to grasp, and taking your technique to even higher levels of perfection.

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This sequel to The Craft of Piano Playing delves further into the mysteries of the wonderfully complicated phenomenon, the human hand as it relates to the keyboard.

Alan Fraser injects a new dimension of sensitivity and subtlety to his previous work, and also provides exercises for the whole body to more effectively support the hand in playing.

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Fraser's third major volume on piano technique. Never before has the thumb been so thoroughly explored, its role so brilliantly fleshed out. Guarantees a further transformation of your hands at the piano.

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Organizes the vast panorama of Alan Fraser's approach into 13 week-long modules, helping you systematize your own approach and master these materials more efficiently.

Contains chapter summaries, key themes, sample questions, related reading lists and a concordance linking the content of both books to the DVD.

The Original (2003)

Revised 2nd edition

(Scarecrow Press 2011)

$44.95 (softcover)

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Scarecrow Press


Available in hardcover

The DVD (2006)

Already a classic in its field

Also in German and French



The Sequel (2010)

New insights and
exercises linking
optimal hand function
back to the whole body



Also available in hardcover


Highlights one of the
most neglected yet most
crucial parts of the hand



Special Deluxe Softcover

The Study Guide (2009)

- Chapter summaries

- Sample questions

- Thematic concordance


€ 8.00


Fraser’s unique approach to piano technique is guaranteed to transform your sound, your agility, your feeling not only of comfort and ease but of piano mastery. Based on the innate structure & function of the human hand, it promises to transform the piano technique of anyone from beginning amateur all the way to consummate professional.

"Astoundingly profound knowledge of body movement & structure..."  

ISSTIP Journal, UK

"A fascinating DVD, a 'must have' for anyone wanting to master their piano technique..."

La Lettre du Musicien, France

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