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MARC DUFRESNE - Executive Director of Website Development & General Operations

Maple Grove Music Productions has recently entered a new phase in its development with the arrival of programming whiz Marc Dufresne on the scene. Marc is a fellow “Quebecois” who has worked in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Africa on projects as diverse as managing the creation and development of national wireless data networks in Mozambique, Ghana, Botswana and Cameroon, doing R & D, systems development and business management for Hewlett Packard and Digital Equipment Corporation, and administrating systems architecture for Bell Canada. As our new general manager in charge of business and website development, Marc is taking the company to a new level of expertise and creative intensity which is helping introduce Alan Fraser’s Craft of Piano materials to a much broader musical audience. We welcome this blues and jazz freak’s razor-sharp insights into business structure, his off-the-wall sense of humor and his obsession with Bartok whose compositions are perfectly suited to Marc’s penchant for unusual structural combinations – in web design and music!

SOPHIA CHOLICH - Director of Marketing & Office Management

Responsible for processing sales and shipping our products, Sophia brings such a thorough, competent and calm-inducing presence to her work that being in the office with her is like being in meditation. A rare and treasured gift she is to us!


Formed in May 2006, Maple Grove Music Productions was the brainchild of Alan Fraser and his former student, Jovan Haji-Djurich. Both were musicians with no previous business experience, but it seems their genetic makeup is not entirely lacking in business acumen.

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